Nut'n But Trail Series







Epic Racing Events wanted to create a fun way to help you reach your trail running goals.  To do that we have set up three awesome races with great locations.

  • Fox on the Run - Fox Island, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Pokagon Trail Challenge - Pokagon State Park, Angola, IN

Each of these events have two race distances to choose from. A shorter distance of 3 - 4 miles and then a longer distance of 7 - 10.  For an additional challenge element to the series we have organized the races so that you can increase your skill level of a technical course. What is a technical say? Well, a course with little to no technical elements would be mostly smooth and a course that is technical has rocks, roots and other elements that make it more challenging. 

  • Fox on the Run - Little to no technical elements
  • Pokagon Trail Challenge - Some technical elements

Epic Racing Events wants to reward all the adventuresome runners that sign up for the Nut'n But Trail Series. So, we created two challenges:

  • Acorn Challenge - Complete the shorter distance at each race and receive a T-Shirt with the Nut'n But Trail Series Logo on it.
  • Walnut Challenge - Complete the longer distance at each race and receive a hoodie sweet shirt with the Nut'n But Trail Series Logo on it.

To keep it simple there will be no mixing of sorter and longer distances for a challenge... no exceptions.  

Acorn and Walnut  Challenge awards will be handed out to all of you superstars at the final race by Epic Racing Events co-race directors Mike Else and Tiffany Kravec.

We look forward to seeing you achieve your goals!

Series Races

Don't worry we will be posting events for registration soon. We are just finalizing event dates.